BELMOCA – feel the true flavour of coffee!

Coffee is a hot drink on top of the list of most favourites and has no intention of abandoning this position. Because it is so important, now in the range of ACC Distribution will find the highest quality Belmoca capsule coffee machines. You will be pleasantly surprised with coffee from this machine – a multiple winner of many blind tests.

Belmoca Belina

With the powerful Belmoca Belina capsule coffee machine with its sleek design, you will be able to prepare coffee in just a few hand movements. Just place a Belmoca coffee capsule of your selected type (you can choose from 6 different types) in the coffee machine, press the coffee button, and you can enjoy a delicious drink almost instantly. The machine design will decorate your kitchen, and coffee preparation will be pure delight, because all the capsules are collected in the container inside, while maintaining a clean environment. 

Belmoca B - 100

Coffee with the Belmoca B – 100 coffee machine will come to your breakfast table in just a few seconds. The extra simple capsular system will allow hassle-free preparation of different flavours of coffee in just a few clicks. Used coffee capsules will be collected in a container inside the machine, therefore you can forget about coffee grounds. Belmoca B – 100 is a very compact, stylish machine, it occupies very little space and will allow you to pick up your coffee together, no matter where you go. B – 100 is designed for those who appreciate high-quality coffee and want to save space in the kitchen.

BELMOCA coffee capsules – 20% more coffee and 100% more quality

Belmoca coffee is a diamond in your coffee cup. Freshly roasted 100% Arabica coffee packed in diamond-shaped aluminium capsules. Unusual capsule shape contains up to 20% more coffee and has a 50% longer shelf life than coffee traditional capsules. Belmoca offers up to 6 different types of coffee, such as Esspresso, Lungo, Ristretto and others.


Rich coffee colour, aroma and taste are all amazing and describe Belmoca in multiple coffee-blind tests, where 99% of the participant recognised advantages of this coffee. Belmoca coffee is best assessed also by the world’s top coffee experts.


Contact your sales manager if you want to become exclusive distributors of Belmoca products!